Testimonial of the Month

Madeleine & Matt

““Matt and I love our engagement shoot, and we are so thrilled with the photos taken! Lachlan went above and beyond to make the shoot special for us, and we felt so comfortable the whole time. He was brilliant at giving us prompts and instructions, helping us find poses, and setting up creative shots. Everything about the shoot felt natural and easy, and we had a good laugh all the way through! The photos Lachlan sent us were carefully selected and edited beautifully, and we couldn’t be happier!”

Hey, I'm Lachlan.

I’m a portrait and couples photographer based in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

I’m the person you’ll find behind the camera. I assume you’re here to learn more about me, and see if you’re be able to stand my well-practiced balance of pessimistic and bubbly nature. I just want to say that I am very likeable and easy going. Trust me! 

I discovered my passion for photography four years ago when doing a project in class. At the time I was greatly interested in mental health and bringing awareness to the subject, and I wanted to incorporate that emotiveness into my photography. With the help of a friend who graciously modelled for me, I was able to create something from scratch using what I knew about light and my camera settings at the time. It was a real empowering moment. The next photoshoot I did I loved even more, which involved movement and flour.

Since then, I've done numerous photography workshops which gave me the opportunity to work with fellow photographers and professional models. I’ve also completed a Professional Photography course, and a Masterclass of Photography. These allowed me to develop my skills at manipulating light to create the most flattering images. 

Veering away from photography for a minute, I’ve recently made it my personal mission to find the best frappe in all of Newcastle, which has had some surprising results. Let me know your best frappe recommendations! 

I enjoy escaping this world; saturated with media, political scandals and disasters, and finding a new and evermore exciting world within the thin pages of a dense fictional book. Pair this with a great cup of tea, or even a mocha, and I've got myself a great afternoon. I say books, but really anything with an engaging and compelling story to weave me into the world, I love. 

At the start of 2020, things took a shift, which most people can probably relate to. But in my case, it was a positive shift. I had time to go through all of my photos and look back on all the memories I've captured and made along the way. During this time, I decided to create my first website which allowed me to further appreciate what I've been doing even more. 2020 was also when I first started doing intimate couple photos. It started with an idea and blossomed into something I really enjoy doing. Now it's my passion to bring emotion and empowerment to you, in images that last a lifetime.

That basically wraps up my history of photography plus a little overview of my hobbies. I fell in love with the pictures I could create and have been doing it ever since. If you want to chat, I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

A picture of me smiling