Intimate Indeed

This is officially the smallest location I've ever shot in.

This is a shoot I'll forever be happy with, not just because of how gorgeous the couple were and how obviously in love they are, but because of the challenges I had to overcome that arose from just shooting in such a small location. The small confides definitely forced me to be as creative as I could in using the space.

Now shooting in small locations is never easy, especially if you use a flash. But when shooting in a van (Especially on an 85mm lens), that's when the physical limitations really seem to come out. Even before the camera comes out, you need to angle and park the van in a favourable spot to get the best light (Which I didn't do the best job of. You can see harsh light on Bronte's foot at times. But I ended up liking the strip of light after a while). You can't just park the van and start shooting.

But the space did have a benefit, as Bronte and Matt were always next to each other and didn't have any room to move away. This highlighted their strong bond and playful nature as their hands never left each other. They were always connected, which is how a couple shoot should always be.

You can find this incredible couple here and here.