For those of you here who don't frequent The Grainery Church, this is Madeline and Matt. And if you don't know them, you probably wouldn't have known that Matt popped the question 2 weeks ago. He got down on one knee and asked if she wanted him to tie her shoe laces.

Just joking.

He asked her to marry him. And she of course (because what would be the point of this blog if she'd have said no), said yes!

This was my first ever proposal and I was lucky enough to do it with friends. Lyndon (the man who filmed most of the video and is in the picture beside me), and I decorated the pier in fairy lights to make the experience as romantic as possible. We dressed up in a disguise so Maddy wouldn't recognise us, pretending to be local fishermen. We might have actually caught some fish if we actually had some line our rods.

As the couple walked down the dock, I quietly jumped up and started capturing this incredible, once in a lifetime moment.